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Warsaw, district of Ursynów






Hey Chang translated as – hi elephant. Our hostel is based on the love to elephants sand you will see a lot of them. It is a nice and cozy student house that accommodates 30+ students from all over the world.

House for students “ Hey Chang Hostel” is located in the Ursynow district. The house lies among cottages. The convinient location offers the bus station in 100 metres. Easy accessibility to Metro Wilanowska( 15 min) by buses 709, 715, 739 and University of Vistula. Within walking distance there are LIDL, McDonalds (850 m), REAL, Auchan, Fitness club (2,9 km).

Hey Chang Hostel includes:
  • Capacity of people  – 35 people to accommodate in two parts of the houses with separate entrances
  • 2-person and 4-person rooms
  • There are 5 bathrooms in the each part of the house
  • 2 kitchens and dining room
  • terrace and own green territory
Two Kitchens
In the kitchen there is a basic set of dishes, pots and pans, but we recommend bringing / buying your own personal set of necessary utensils. In each of the two kitchens there is the following equipment: 1 electric kettle, 1 electric cooker on 4 burners, 1 microwave oven, 2 refrigerators.
4 times a week in the kitchen is cleaned by a staff cleaner, the rest of the time, in accordance with the rules of residence in the hostel, cleanliness is maintained by the hostel’s residents
Internet WiFi

Student House Hey Chang Hostel has 2 independent acesses c to the Internet the general speed of 50 Mb / s, on average, for the 1 user accounts up to 2 Mb / s.

Polska, Warszawa, ul. Gajdy 21, kod 02-878.
Tel. +48 730 059 333
Distance to popular destinations:
Przystanek autobusowy – 150 m.
Vistula – 6 km
Łazarski – 7,9 km
Sklep Auchan – 3,5 km
McDonald ‘s – 800 m.
Apteka – 800 m.
Sklep Lidl – 600 m.
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Address: Polska, Warszawa, ul. Gajdy 21, kod 02-878

Working hours: Monday-Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00

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